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Renovation Mercedes W113 Pagoda Koszalin Mścice

Our mission is to restore the shine of the world’s automotive gems!

CARS VERDE offers a complete renovation of a vintage car made by professionals employed in the workshop. We specialize in renovating Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagoda. The W113 series is one of the most desirable vehicles in the classic car segment due to its pleasant reliability and elegant line. Customers who want to own this type of vehicle should remember that when choosing they should not be guided only by their heart and visual preferences – it is worth investing in cars that promise to increase their value in the future, as well as in brands for which they are still available sheet metal, mechanical parts and haberdashery.

The renovation process is tedious and time-consuming work, which takes over 3000 hours. Our professionals care about the appearance of the car as well as its reliability and driving comfort. All mechanical parts are refreshed and secured. We bring cars to their original appearance from years ago. We start the work by dismantling the vehicle into subassemblies and parts. Then we create documentation and deal with the initial verification of the technical condition of the car. We repair body kits, power units, renew galvanic coatings, paint the vehicle, repair electrical installations and upholstery. We assemble the vehicle completely and import original parts from the best manufacturers from abroad. Along with the restored car, the client receives photographic documentation of the entire renovation process.

Below we present a detailed renovation process:

Dismantling the vehicle into components and parts.

Dismantling the entire car and listing parts, as well as verifying their condition.

Cleaning of components and bodywork.

Removing dirt, rust and scale from parts. At this stage, we prepare the vehicle for sheet metal work.

Sheet metal work.

Replacement of damaged plating elements with new ones, checking all gaps. The new sheets come from the Mercedes-Benz service center.

Renewal of galvanic coatings.

The elements are cleaned and repeatedly coated with copper and polished. Finally, copper is covered with a layer of nickel and finally the element goes to the bathtub with chrome.

Preparing the car for painting.

A paint primer dedicated to vintage cars is applied. This is excellent corrosion protection.

Car painting.

The final color and gloss is applied.

Upholstery renovation.

The dashboard, door sides, armchairs and other elements are restored. New sponges are inserted and then the elements are covered with the highest quality leather. Upholstery is made by hand and individually for each project.

Engine and component renovation.

All components are dismantled, cleaned and assembled. Parts that cannot be renewed are replaced with new, original ones.

Assembling the car.

Installation of electrical installation, heating system, upholstery, windows. The engine and components are mounted.

Test drives.

They are made by our specialists to check if all components are working properly.

After the renovation, the car undergoes a 100-point quality control