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CARS VERDE provides comprehensive services for Mercedes W113. We carry out necessary service and warranty works. Our offer includes:

Full one-year warranty on cars restored by CARS VERDE, The warranty includes:

  • Engine: cylinder block, crankcase, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, rotary piston engine housing and all internal parts related to the lubrication system, oil filter housing, flywheel/drive wheel with crown wheel, timing belt/chain with tensioner, radiator oil sump, oil pressure switch, engine coolant pump.
  • Manual and automatic gearboxes: gearbox housing with all internal parts), torque converter, automatic gearbox control system, manual, automated gearbox control system.
  • Axle drive: main transmission cover with all internal parts for rear drive.
  • Main transmission/drive shafts: drive shafts, main transmission and drive joints with all internal parts.
  • Steering: mechanical or hydraulic steering gear with all internal parts and control system, hydraulic pump with all internal parts.
  • Brakes: master cylinder, brake booster, braking force regulator, hand brake/brake, brake cylinders in the brake drum, brake calipers.
  • Fuel system: fuel pump, injection pump, injectors.
  • Electrical system: alternator with controller, electronic ignition system with ignition leads, starter.
  • Consumer electronics: front wiper motor, heater blower motor, horn, control systems, lighting systems, relays, switches.
  • Air conditioning system: compressor, condenser, fan, evaporator, cooler.
  • Cooling system: cooler, oil cooler, thermostat, heat exchanger, viscous/thermal fan, thermal switch.
  • Flue system: full.
  • Frame and body parts, roofs in convertible and folding cars, springs, shock absorbers, batteries, windows, headlight housings, interior and exterior lighting.
  • Interior and exterior panels, upholstery, shock absorbers, upholstery and seat covers.

Mercedes-Benz W113 service Pagoda: 280SL, 230SL, 250SL in the scope of:

  • repair/replacement of all components
  • complete renovation
  • car review
  • vehicle preparation for the season/after the season
  • vehicle maintenance