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Additional equipment and accessories

The car can be retrofitted with a seat belt with lashing winches.

The car can be retrofitted with a windshot, which creates a zone of silence between the windshield and the net fixed behind the seat backs and allows you to drive at high speed without strong air turbulence when the roof is folded. Windshot is in the color of upholstery.

The car can be retrofitted with an upholstery colored armrest. Thanks to it, we gain additional storage, and driving comfort increases significantly.

The car can be retrofitted with a set of leather suitcases (3 suitcases of different sizes) fitted to the boot space of the Mercedes W113. Upholstery colored trunks.

It is possible to equip the car with air conditioning. The airflow panel is mounted inside the vehicle under the dashboard. It is covered with upholstery colored leather. The air conditioning system is new, filled with fresh coolant. The installation is mounted in the engine compartment. Includes air conditioning panel, evaporator, compressor, radiator and pipes.

It is possible to retrofit the car with a set of tool keys, to which the cover sewn by our upholsters is dedicated.

The USB port can be mounted under the dashboard or in the armrest.

The cup holder can be mounted in the armrest or in the central console between the seats.

6 speed manual gearbox

Chrome motor

Possibility to install a long-range electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine

LED lighting for clocks and center

Modern retro stereo radio with speakerphone and smartphone connection

Automatically retractable antenna

Central lock


Heated seats

Electronic Fuel Injection bosch(Electronically controlled non-invaively and reversibly mounted,replacing the existing old style incjection)

Electronic fuel ejection is a complete autonomous fuel-air-spark system controlled electronically, mounted non-invasively and reversibly. The conversion of the system solves problems that occur in the operation of:mechanical injection based on Bosch.

Car with electronic fuel injection and fixed Lambda probe in the exhaust system. CO of 0.01% and HC of 55ppm bring our classic closer to the level of the EURO 5, i.e. today’s 2-3 year old cars. Conversion to the carsverde system significantly improves engine performance. Increased flexibility and operating culture have increased, as well as a much better response to the gas by increasing torque and engine power. increased torque and engine power

Significantly reduced combustion and harmful exhaust emissions

On request, we can equip the car with other accessories.