Welcome to VERDE Classic Car Museum

Renovation of Mercedes W113 Pagoda Jaguar

Owning a classic car is a dream of many motor world passionates. However many people do not know how to start a research of their dream car. They wonder if the vehicle is in good order, they ask how to deal with all the paperwork.

We bring only the biggest oldtimer stars to our Museum.  It is a one of a kind place in Poland with such a great amount of cars owned by the Museum itself.

Renovation of W113 Pagoda Jaguar.

We specialize in Jaguar and Mercedes.

Our collection is mostly filled with Mercedes 190 sl and Mercedes w113 called Pagode. Our cars are always given to the best specialists, who restore them to full glory. After the procedure they are a mirror image of the cars, which drove the streets years ago!

In our offer we have a large numer of motor world’s biggest gems. Some of the models can be ordered before being renovated, and our specialists will prepare them according to the client’s whishes and taste. We can help in the search for the dream car and in the process of acquiring it, and then we will advise how to restore it and what to change.

You can see all ours cars for sale here: