Renovation Mercedes W113 Pagoda Koszalin Mścice

Our mission is to restore the shine to the gems of world’s motor industry!

While deciding to buy a classic car we have to know that these type of vehicles usually need a renovation. Before finallizing the transaction one should contact a specialist in this matter, who will judge the condition of the car’s body, completeness of the equipment and the mechanical assemblies’ efficiency.

We should remember that choosing this type of vehicle cannot be only based on our heart’s voice or our taste. It is reasonable to invest in cars which value will rise in the future, and to chose brands which give possibility to obtain various car components.

The proces of renovating a classic car is quite arduous and takes a lot of time. In our workshop we bring back the unique shine of classic cars. We specialize in renovating Jaguar and Mercedes vehicles.
Our professionals care for looks as much as for reliability and the comfort of driving. All mechanical parts undergo a refreshment and maintenance procedure. Our workshop transforms cars into the beauties they were long years ago!
We offer disassemblement of a vehicle to its components and parts. That is the first action we take when a car comes into our workshop. We prepare a documentation and start to verify the car’s technical condition. We repair the car’s body, powertrains. We renovate shell plating, we lacquer the vehicle and  we repair electrical installation and the upholstery. We assemble the car and the original parts are brought form the best foreign producers.

Our workshop guarantees professional and highest quality service and indyvidual care for the client.

Below we present you the proces of renovation: