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Renovation Mercedes W113 Pagoda Koszalin Mścice

Welcome to VERDE Classic Car Museum

Owning a classic car is a dream of many motor world passionates. However many people do not know how to start a research of their dream car. They wonder if the vehicle is in good order, they ask how to deal with all the paperwork.

We bring only the biggest oldtimer stars to our Museum.  It is a one of a kind place in Poland with such a great amount of cars owned by the Museum itself.

We specialize in Mercedes and Jaguar cars.

Our collection is mostly filled with Mercedes 190 sl and Mercedes w113 called Pagode. Our cars are always given to the best specialists, who restore them to full glory. After the procedure they are a mirror image of the cars, which drove the streets years ago!

In our offer we have a large numer of motor world’s biggest gems. Some of the models can be ordered before being renovated, and our specialists will prepare them according to the client’s whishes and taste. We can help in the search for the dream car and in the process of acquiring it, and then we will advise how to restore it and what to change.



A special place in Middle Pomerania

Born from the passion for classic cars a special place was created in Middle Pomerania. Modern building covered with glass which holds a collection of several dozen of unique gems of motor world. You will not see these cars on roads! In Classic Car Museum they all are in reach of your eyes. It is one and only place in the area to which you want to come back to…

„Couple of years ago I bought the fist classic car. I enjoyed its beauty and came to an observation that old cars are unique, refined in every way. Then I decided to buy a second one, then third and then another. The question arised: where to keep such gems? I decided that a museum, which would be a one of a kind place in the city, would be a great answer. ”
tells Zbyszko Rybak, the owner of the cars.

In our museum cars are not only ment to feast you eyes. We rent these cars to special occasions: weddings, commercials, movies. We will help to pick the right classic car to a special event. We will advise on how to decorate it, and our experienced chauffeur will arrive at your destination safely!

In our collection there are cars like the following:

– Mercedes 300b Adenauer Cabrio from 1954
– Mercedes 220A Cabrio from 1953
– Mercedes 220S Ponton Cabrio from 1958
– Mercedes 190 SL Cabrio from 1956
– Mercedes 230SL Pagode from 1968
– Mercedes 280SL Pagode from 1968
– Jaguar xk 140 Coupe from 1956

Any many more!

We are also selling some of the cars. Only in our Musem you will find a real gems, all of them professionally renovated. We specialize in classic Mercedes and Jaguars!

Classic Car Museum is also a professional workshop in which specialists  are dealing with renovation and renewal. Our workshop offers a complex repair of classic cars. Our services cover all types of dealings in motor industry.

It is worth to visit our Classic Car Museum to see how years ago cars were created and how they looked. All people, even those who are not really a big fans of motor world, will surely fall in love with these cars. They simply have a soul. For the senior they will bring back memories of chilhood, of their own grandparents who maybe drove such cars or remember their photos. And for younger people this will be a great history lesson especially suggested for grad students who can really appreciate the achievements and charm of the past which gave us the innovations we use nowadays. It is obvious that without the past there is no present.

All people who share our passion are welcome to make contact. If you are a fan of oldtimers you must visit us in Classic Car Museum by Hotel VERDE. If you are an owner of a interesting car and you would like to sell it: call us or visit us.

Classic Car Museum

Moday – Friday – 8.00 – 23.00
Saturday – 8.00 – 23.00
Sunday and holidays – 8.00 – 22.00

Adult – 12PLN
Child – 8PLN (up to 14 years old)
Group – 10PLN (10 people minimum)
Family – 35PLN (up to 5 people , 1 or 2 adults and children)

Allowed to free of charge entry
– group supervisiors
– guides

We rent our cars to diverse events

Wedding is a special occasion! Which couple would not like to arrive at church in a classic white Mercedes or pompous Adenauer Cabrio? Thank to our services nowi t is possible! Make this day special and let us drive you safely at your destination.

We rent cars to commercials, movies and photo shoots.

The cost is indyvidually prepared, from 2500PLN up to 3500PLN

Price includes:

– car rental
– car decoration
– ornamented car plates with writing: JUST MARRIED
– fuel cost
– chauffeur

Prices of renting a car for wedding celebration (up to 4 hours, up to 50 km)

– MERCEDES 300b ADENAUER CABRIO   1954 (burgundy) – 3500PLN
– MERCEDES 220S (PONTON) CABRIO from 1958 (silver) – 2500PLN
– MERCEDES 220A CABRIO from 1953 (red) – 2500PLN