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Mercedes Pagoda – we are passionate about it. If you want to invest in such a car, our offer is just for you.

We specialize only in this brand, therefore we know every part of it

We carry out all works ourselves with the utmost care, appreciated by customers from all over Europe and the world. We carry out renovations in our own workshop, which was created with the thought of renewing Mercedes Pagoda.

We sell without intermediaries, which is a guarantee of the lowest price, and we provide a full one-year warranty for performance. All the parts we use are original and purchased from Mercedes.

YOU decide what will be the equipment, body color and upholstery. We can additionally install for you: a 6-speed gearbox, air conditioning, additional side mirrors, windshot, halogen lamps, trunks, seat belts or an armrest, as well as something from our time – a coffee holder,

If you want us to prepare the car of your dreams, we are just for you.

We are waiting for your purchase price.

Please visit our website or contact us by phone on +48 607 900 260 , sent email:

We speak Polish, English, German and Spanish

Vehicle for pickup – September 2021

Technical data

Engine 6-Cylinder
Engine capacity 2778 cm3
Power 125 kW / 170 PS
Production date 1968
Course 0 km (after restauration)
Color  db172
Transmission Automat
Upholstery color cognac
Air conditioning choice
Warranty 2 year warranty
Additives Radio becker,tires with a white stripe,windshot in the color of the upholstery,led deshboard light,automatic antenna


gross price 209000 Euro
net price Price negotiable